Introducing battery status

Many sensor models report their battery status (for example Oregon Scientific and Mandolyn). In an upcoming server upgrade we're starting to show this in Telldus Live! for sensors reporting it to TellStick Net. An icon to the right indicates the status.

Typically "battery low" is reported when there is 10% capacity left in the battery, but how much longer the battery will actually last is totally dependent of the sensor type.

There is no event associated with low battery.

This is a slow rollout, so you'll see the battery status depending on if the server your TellStick Net currently is connected to is updated or not.

For developers

The battery status is now also included in the sensor/info and sensors/list API call. Possible values are:
0-100 - percentage left, if the sensor reports this
253 - battery ok
254 - battery status unknown (not reported by this sensor type, or not decoded)
255 - battery low

At the moment, all supported sensors only reports "low" or "ok". The percentage left is reported by some Z-Wave devices however and will be used in the future.

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