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One of the most requested features is the possibility to view sensor values over time. Did the temperature at any point go below 0°C last night? How much does the temperature in my fridge fluctuate? How humid was it in my basement in August compared to June?

We are now launching a closed beta where you can follow your sensor history. Sensor history is mainly a Pro-feature, so while the stored values are only saved every 10 minutes and kept for 2 hours for non-pro-users, they're stored much longer for Pro-users. For Pro-users, incoming values are saved with 5 minute intervals for one month, 15 minute intervals for three months, 1 hour intervals for a year, and every third hour a value is stored with no expiration date at all. These limits may change in the future. In the beginning of the beta it will however only be possible to view values from a week ago in any case.

Temperature, humidity, rain and wind values are stored. The total rainfall and wind direction is not presented in a sensible way yet, but it's kept for future use. For Z-Wave, power consumption and luminescence sensors are also included.

If history should be kept or not is set per sensor and is off by default for all new sensors. Max and min values are recorded for all sensors though.

If you are interested in joining the beta please note this first:

  • Beta is only available for Pro-users
  • The sensor history might be purged without warning if necessary for development reasons
  • Beta users will be using a completely different storage system for all sensor values, and even if the system has gone through a lot of testing there might still be issues that could effect ordinary sensor viewing or event executions. If you got important sensor events the beta perhaps isn't for you. However, it's always possible to change back to non-beta, should there be any problems.
  • The sensor values in Telldus Live! are right now only viewable from the last week, even if there actually might be history stored from a year back. They are displayed in a very rudimentary graph right now (see picture below), where scales or time frames cannot be set. But it's possible to access all history using a new API function.

Interested? Please sign up here.
[EDIT] Since all beta slots now is taken, it's possible to access the sensor history beta by navigating to: to activate/access the sensor history without applying for a beta slot.

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1. Jimmy Gunnevik -- 6 years ago


How to get beta user? Im really intrested in sensor history... :)

/ Jimmy

2. Martin Eckeroth -- 5 years ago


I would allso like to become a beta tester. Have a NET and a Z-Net device with PRO account.


3. lioelec lioelec -- 5 years ago


I would be a beta user for use export cuves and display 0.2kwh unstead of 0.2°C and remove % curves regards

4. Martin Eckeroth -- 5 years ago

HALLO Telldus!

Writing for second time... I would like to become a beta tester. Have a NET and a Z-Net device with PRO account.


5. Daniel Moritz -- 5 years ago

Hello Telldus I'm really looking forward to the feature with log history? will it be available any time soon? I'would really like to do some beta testing meanwhile...

Best regards Daniel

6. Carl Erik Eriksson -- 5 years ago

I too would like to become a beta tester :-)

7. Daniel Kant -- 5 years ago

I would like to be able to use this feature (trying out IFTTT and need sensor history)