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A while ago we announced our new platform. But we did not tell you that much about our upcoming products. It's now time.

Let’s start with the new generation TellStick. Before starting developing the new generation of products we really listened to you. We wanted to take the TellStick you love and make it even better. With almost 10 years of feedback from our community we have received many great ideas and suggestions.

Our new model of TellStick is named TellStick ZNet Lite. Just as TellStick Net this is a standalone unit that connects and is controlled from Telldus Live! We have included a Z-Wave chip so it can communicate with over 1000 Z-Wave certified products. Since many of you already have a home full of 433 products and switching everything to Z-Wave is nothing you do over night, we have also included a 433 transmitter. This means you can still control all your existing 433 products and still leverage all the benefits from new Z-Wave products.

We know some of you don't always have a stable internet connection and relying on a steady connection is not always possible. That is why TellStick ZNet Lite runs all schedules and events offline. That means that even if you lose internet connectivity the schedules and local events will still run as nothing happened. Skipping the extra roundtrip to the servers also makes them a lot faster. With Z-Wave being a faster protocol than 433 to begin with, the events really come to their full potential when they are run locally.

We will also release another model, called TellStick ZNet Pro. This one has all the features from TellStick ZNet Lite and we have also included a 433 receiver to receive signals from 433 sensors. It is as easy to control as the TellStick ZNet Lite, but is also perfectly suited for all you hackers out there. With this model you will be able to run your own plugins and code directly on the device.

This products is aimed to be fully hackable.

  • Do you want to support more than just 433 and Z-Wave? Develop your own plugin. We will provide samples to integrate both Philips Hue and Belkin WeMo.
  • Do you not like our software at all? Don't worry. Use the sdcard option to boot your own linux distribution and run whatever software you like.
  • Missing some hardware? We added a usb host option so you can extend it even further.

Both TellStick ZNet Lite and TellStick ZNet Pro are, with a built in web server, prepared for local control in the future.

In addition to our new gateways we are also releasing our very own Z-Wave On/Off receiver and a door/window sensor. Just as the gateways, both hardware and firmware are developed and designed by ourselves, so that we have full control of all functions.

Edit: Available for preorder at here:

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1. Kevin Haffner -- 6 years ago

How much, and when can I buy one?

3. Yngve Haugom -- 6 years ago

When will the TellStick ZNet Pro be available for order?

4. Yngve Haugom -- 6 years ago

BTW! This looks great! Cant wait! Good job!

5. Yngve Haugom -- 6 years ago

@micke Do you have a date/price for the Pro?

6. Micke Prag -- 6 years ago

@yngve Unfortunately no price nor date at this time. Hopefully Q1 or Q2 2016 but this is not an official date.

7. Robert Andresen -- 6 years ago

We will also release another model, called TellStick ZNet Pro. This one has all the features from TellStick ZNet Lite and we have also included a 433 receiver to receive signals from 433 sensors

If I understand this correctly, I will need the Pro to receive data from my temperature/humidity sensors? As well as magnetswitches, etc?

8. Micke Prag -- 6 years ago

@robert: TellStick ZNet Lite has Z-Wave so you can receive temperature/humidity as well as magnetswitches. You only need TellStick ZNet Pro of you want to receive 433 MHz signals. If you have a TellStick Net previously it is possible to run both at the same time in an account.

9. Sebastian Johansson -- 6 years ago

When will Groups be available for the ZNet? I would say it is a rather basic concept that could be a deal breaker for some users.

11. Jens Ljungkvist -- 6 years ago


In which time frame is the Znet Pro coming? Was hoping for a Christmas present..... :)

What is the status of Znet Pro? I guess the release has been delayed. Or has the project been canceled?