Release of Telldus IFTTT channel

We are about to release the IFTTT channel. It will hopefully be released at the end of next week, if all remaining tests performed by IFTTT will pass.

We will initially only release this for Pro users. Non pro users will have access to the IFTTT channel in may 2017.

Q: My triggers are delayed before they are executed.
A: This is due to how IFTTT works. IFTTT is requesting the status from our servers regularly. This means that the trigger can be up to one hour delayed.

Q: My sensor triggers are not triggered
A: To get sensor triggers to work the sensor must have history enabled on it. Try enabling history on the sensor first.

Q: My triggers are triggering twice
A: The triggers from IFTTT are requesting the device/sensor history. If the sensor have reported a value twice since last update the trigger will also trigger twice

Q: My sensor trigger is constantly triggering while the temperature is above the threshold. I am getting a lot of notifications!
A: For each value the sensor is over the threshold the trigger will continue to trigger. For a notification that only fires once, please use regular events instead.

Update: The channel is now released.


1. Ulf Lagerqvist -- 7 years ago

Does this mean that all sensors used with ifttt need to be z wave sensors?

2. Micke Prag -- 7 years ago

@ulf: No, what makes you think that?

3. Ulf Lagerqvist -- 7 years ago

Sorry, I could have been more specific...

I have a Z wave Fibaro sensor that works fine with IFTTT, I use it to monitor temperature and trigger a Daikin air conditioner. I also have several 433 Mhz thermometers and my question is if any of those will work, they don't have any "sensor history" stored in Tells Live?

4. Ulf Lagerqvist -- 7 years ago

I think I got it... I switched ro regular events in Telldus Live instead and usen POST and IFTTT's Maker channel to trigger the Daikin applet. If I want a temperature value to trigger something than I should use this method as I'm the one sending it to IFTTT instead of IFTTT grabbing my data once every hour or so. Either way, I'm really exited and glad that Telldus hooked upp with IFTTT. It's all down hill from here. Thank you and keep up the good work!

5. Micke Prag -- 7 years ago

433 sensors also works fine with IFTTT. Sensor history must be activated regardless of sensor type.

6. Ulf Lagerqvist -- 7 years ago

Ok, but how do I activate sensor history on a 433 thermometer?

8. David Bjåland -- 7 years ago

"It will hopefully be released at the end of next week"? 2017.01.31 ? date today is 2017.02.16. I am still waiting :) Do you Telldus guys need more beta testers? Best regards Norway :)