Sensor values and device states in event actions

We have recently started testing the possiblity to include a sensor value or device state in mail/SMS/push/URL-actions. An early version is out on the servers now, and by manually adding keywords to messages it's already possible to test this for Telldus Live! Premium-users.

This is how it works:
If triggered by an sensor/device event, the triggering value can be entered into the mail/SMS/push/URL action message by adding [STATE] and [VALUE] into the message. For example:
"The temperature in the closet is now [VALUE] degrees, time to do something about that!" = The temperature in the closet is now 45.5 degrees, time to do something about that!
"The lamp in the attic is now [STATE]" = The lamp in the attic is now on

It's also possible to use the following keywords:
[SENSOR] = The name of the triggering sensor, useful if several sensors can triggers the same event
[UNIT] = Unit type for triggering sensor, for example "m/s" or "%".
[DEVICE] = The name of the triggering device
[TIMESTAMP] = The time the event triggered, useful if for example your push notifications gets delayed sometimes

[STATE] is transformed into "on" or "off" by default. It can be other things, for example:
"[DEVICE] is [STATE](locked/unlocked)" = Front door is locked
or for other languages:
"[DEVICE] är [STATE](påslagen/avstängd)" = Barsebäck reaktor 2 är avstängd
Note that only the states on and off are supported at the moment (not "dim" for example).

The message:

The temperature was [VALUE][UNIT] at [TIMESTAMP] .

...will produce:

Sensorvalue in event action

We are currently internally testing the possibility to specify a device/sensorid if it's not the value of the triggering device/sensor that is wanted, more information about this will follow.

Later on these keywords will of course be integrated in the UI on the webpage when adding an action.

Limitations and known bugs:

  • Keywords cannot currently be directly followed by a dot (.)
  • Only the device states on and off are available at the moment

This is an early beta, so don't expect everything to work without glitches right away. All feedback is very welcome though!

Also, again note that this is only available for Telldus Live! Premium users.

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1. Marcus Assarlind -- 6 years ago

Great! Can I use the keyword in a HTTP request? E.g. to send to IFTTT what device, e.g."[device]"

2. Magnus -- 6 years ago

Yes, it should be possible to use this in HTTP requests too.

3. Per Löthner -- 6 years ago

Hi! I just became a Pro user but this is not working for me! This is my message: "Temperaturen hemma är [VALUE][UNIT] at [TIMESTAMP] ." And this is what I get: "Temperaturen hemma är n/a at 2018-01-19 15:32:04 ."

4. Yngve Øines -- 5 years ago

It is not working as expecteted;

I have tried to set up this: http://myURL/telldusLive.php?state=[STATE]&value=[VALUE]&sensor=[SENSOR]&unit=[UNIT]&device=[DEVICE]&timestamp=[TIMESTAMP]

It is posted but in the other end I find:

"state": "[STATE]", "value": "[VALUE]", "sensor": "[SENSOR]", "unit": "[UNIT]", "device": "[DEVICE]", "timestamp": "[TIMESTAMP]"

5. Edvard Drake -- 5 years ago

Is this feature no longer working, or has it been changed? I try using it in a URL, but it comes out exactly as I type it, no matter what. This is in line with the previous comment by Yngve@….

6. Edvard Drake -- 5 years ago

I think i found the issue. The http-request is constructed locally in a zNet lite v2, and the code in the tellstick has no support for this. It works on older model, and it works with Nails, byt not with http-requests.