TelldusCenter 2.1.2 Beta 1 available

Finally it's time for the first beta release of TelldusCenter 2.1.2! This release is primarily focused on hanging issues and problems with lost communication with TellStick Duo. It's the same code fixes already deployed to some of you who have experienced these problems, but without unnecessary debug logging and an even newer driver version.

If you want to test it (remember that it's still a beta), download it for windows here:
Mac OS X (requires 10.7 or later):

From the changelog:

  • Support for protocol Hasta version 2
  • Possible to execute a script on events in Linux (#100)
  • More than one controller (TellStick/TellStick Duo) can be listed in the API (#108)
  • Several bug fixes for lost communication with TellStick (new driver, version 2.08.28) and hung sensor reporting on Windows (#123)
  • Fixed hanging issues on Mac (#245, #260)
  • Report humidity for Oregon sensor 1A2D (#221)
  • Max one callback/second is called for identical events (#84)
  • Devices are sorted alphabetically in TelldusCenter (#112)
  • Error message when devices are incorrectly configured in tellstick.conf (Linux) (#119)
  • Minor bug fixes
  • New firmware for TellStick Duo (version 10):
    • Can receive Hasta protocol, version 1 and 2
    • Checksum validation for Fineoffset (less false temperature readings) (#223)
    • Fix where some motion sensors/magnetic switches reported different codes for on and off (#235)
    • Better Oregon Scientific reception

More fixes/features may be added before the final release.


1. Daniel Malmgren -- 11 years ago

I can't seem to find any Linux version of this. Am I searching in the wrong place or is this still Windows only?

2. Stefan Persson -- 11 years ago

Sorry, not yet. Still hunting down some bugs there.

3. Daniel Malmgren -- 11 years ago

Thanks for fast reply. I hope there will be a blog post here when there's a Linux version to download.

4. Tor Martin Ingebretsen -- 11 years ago

Now i have finally uptime of 100% instead of 20%. I use a intel atom motherboard with battery as ups, Windows 7 pro. hung on a wall inside a cabinet. Tell Stick Duo and SwitchKing to handle it all. Thanks.

5. Niklas Jakobsson -- 11 years ago

Still waiting for a linux version, anytime soon?

6. Stefan Persson -- 11 years ago

Unfortunately still some issues in the Linux version.

7. Thommy Andersson -- 11 years ago

Any idea when we can see a Linux Beta version?

8. Stefan Persson -- 11 years ago

It's hard to make an estimate, got some errors that occur very sporadically, so we're performing some long running tests.

Hur ser det ut med Linux versionen nu en månad senare?

10. Stefan Persson -- 11 years ago

Vi håller på med beta2 nu, med en hel del nya funktioner. Den kommer att släppas först för Linux.