TellStick Net beta firmware

A beta for TellStick Net has been in use by a few of our beta testers for a while now, and since the included features are needed by some of you, we are making the beta public. It can be downloaded here:

Use for example this program (for windows) do flash the firmware:

Extract the flasher program, drag-and-drop the hex-file to the program icon. Then select your TellStick Net in the list, ignore the "Already up to date"-message. If you after that check the "My locations"-tab in Telldus Live! it should say version 12.

New features and fixes since the last stable release:

  • Can receive Hasta protocol, both old and new
  • Fix bug where some motion detectors/magnetic switches gets different house/unit code for on and off - If you can't scan one of those devices, please test this firmware
  • Checksum validation for fineoffset (one temperature sensor type), means less false positives
  • Changed the way the Oregon Scentific protocol is received, this should improve reception but needs additional testing - If you experience worse reception, downgrade and let us know
  • More precise server assignment logic allows for a TellStick Net to be placed on a certain server, which may be useful for beta testers
  • Some minor bug fixes

Please report any problems/feedback to us. We have no known issues so far, but remember that it's a beta.


1. Hans Olav Talgø -- 8 years ago

Would it be possible to make a similar beta for the Tellstick Duo? I have a Duo with both fineoffset and oregon sensors running, and would love to beta test.

2. Anders Andersen -- 8 years ago

I've installed version 12 and successfully "learned" a light switch. Now I would like to do several actions when Telldus Live recieves a signal from the switch. I can't find anywhere to do that in Telldus Live, and I think not in the API either. It should be possible to have a listener.php file which recieves an API call from Telldus Live whenever there's a signal from the switch, and then it should be up to me, the user, to decide what to do with that signal.

3. Anders Eriksson -- 8 years ago

Hello, I tested the beta fw and it did get the same house and unit for both on and off for my magnetic switches (though the off addresses did flip a bit).

The problem was when I added the switches as devices in live they did not update status when recieved so the result for me was not any better than with fw4. (when listening with a duo and trigging on/off from live the right addresses were sent so the problem seems to be in the recieve in live ?)

4. Stefan Persson -- 8 years ago

@anders eriksson, please send us a support ticket at

5. Fabrice Le Gal -- 8 years ago

How is it possible to flash the firware by using FTP Server ? What is Tellstick Net IP adress ?

6. Stefan Persson -- 8 years ago

@fabrice le gal, not FTP but tftp, see instructions here:

7. Steinar Johansen -- 8 years ago

when will this firmware be official?

8. Steinar Johansen -- 8 years ago

my NET have firmware 6 since I was in the original test beta group Since this blog says version 12 I thought I should try an upgrade. The upgrade fails reporting already version 6. Did you mix up version numbers here? Version 6 = version 12 = ???


9. Stefan Persson -- 8 years ago

@steinar johansen We want to add a few more things before releasing it officially, so there will be additional beta versions first.

Did you drag and drop the correct .hex-file onto the icon of the flash program?

10. Andreas Sörman -- 8 years ago

I've tried to update my Tellstick Net with the latest Hex12-beta firmware but it always stuck when "entering bootloader" is showned. I have tried on a Win7 and Win 8 computer doing the exact steps. Any ideas?

11. Stefan Persson -- 8 years ago

@andreas.sohrman, please send us a support ticket ( ). You may have to check the spam folder too for an answer.