Updates to Telldus Live! events 2

November 4th is approaching fast. We still have time for another update for Telldus Live! events though.

New features are:

  • Repeats on all device actions.
    This is similar to the scheduler. Some devices might need the signal to be repeated several times for it to turn on or off. The repeat option is under "Advanced settings".
  • Offset for suntime condition.
    If was only possible to set an offset for sunset trigger previously. Now this is also available for suntime condition.
  • Pause an event.
    If you do not need an event but don't want to remove it, it is now possible to inactivate it instead.

There is also a lot of minor fixes for different browsers, form validation, default email address, and other things to make it work more smoothly for everyone.

We appreciate all your feedback for events. It you find a bug or have a new idea, don't hesitate to contact us!


1. Per Jonsson -- 11 years ago

So fast that it has already passed. Any news?

2. Micke Prag -- 11 years ago

Everything is going as planned.

3. Per Jonsson -- 11 years ago

Nice! So if everything continues to go as planned... When will events be available to everyone?

4. Micke Prag -- 11 years ago

We plan to let everyone access events within two weeks.

5. Micke Prag -- 11 years ago

In other words, we open up 10% users every day.

6. Ivar Katmo -- 11 years ago

Hmm....you need a pro subscription to have two "conditions" (like time AND dayofweek)?

7. Micke Prag -- 11 years ago

Two conditions using AND requires Pro. Two conditions using OR does not.