Sensor triggers and rearm boundaries

We have added some extra options to fine tune the sensor triggers in Telldus Live! events. I want to take this opportunity to explain how sensor trigger works.

Sensor triggers are only activated when a threshold value is passed. It will only be activated once and not repeated while the sensor value is still exceeding the threshold.

To avoid that the trigger is triggered many times while the value swings around the threshold there is also a rearm value. Before a trigger can be activated again the sensor value must pass the rearm value. This value was previously fixed to one degree over and under the trigger threshold value. This is demonstrated in the following figure. This shows a sensor trigger set to trigger when the temperature reaches over -21,5 degrees. The rearm values are set to -20,5 and -22,5 degrees.

This shows an example where the trigger will not be activated even though the sensor value passes the trigger threshold.

We have now added an advanced setting to sensor trigger where you could set this value between 0,1 and 15 degrees if you need to fine tune this for your sensor. For most users the default value of 1 degree is suitable.

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