If patient then success. Finally Telldus+IFTTT=True!

One of the most requested features we get is to connect to the popular service IFTTT. For a long time we have tried to convince IFTTT to connect their awsome service with us. They never replied so we asked you, our users, to also ask them. Our plan was that when enough people requesting Telldus support they might listen. And they did!

We are very pleased to announce that Telldus is getting a channel in IFTTT!

What is IFTTT? IFTTT is a service that allows many different services to communicate with each other. That means Telldus products will be able to control any other service also connected with IFTTT. At the moment I am writing this IFTTT has support for over 300 channels. So at once you can combine Telldus products with Philips Hue, SmartThings, Netatmo, Nest, and more!

What can I do? You can do a lot. But here is some examples to get your imagination going:

  • When an astronaut enters space, ring my bell.
  • When I plug in my phone to the charger at night, turn off all lights in the house.
  • Log my sensor data to a Google spreadsheet.
  • When someone rings on my doorbell, tweet about it.
  • When I leave home, lock my door.

Since we are still developing this channel we are not yet ready to launch it yet. But we would really like to have some testers. We have reserved 50 spots in a [[beta:5 beta test]] for this. Since there is limited number of spots in this test they will be reserved for Pro users.

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1. Darren Wilkinson -- 5 years ago

Excellent news!!

2. Martin Eckeroth -- 5 years ago

I need to test this :-)

3. J Häggblad -- 5 years ago

Great! Any chance of beta testing even though the test is full? :)

4. Micke Prag -- 5 years ago

Unfortunately there is no more open spots right now

5. Daniel Kant -- 5 years ago

This is sooo cool. I´m using Ifttt to trigger Telldus(when front door opens) to trigger "Manything" to start recording on my old iphone and voila - Surveillance came ON

Love it so far.

6. Christer Lindh -- 5 years ago

How/where do you want feedback and bug reports on the beta?

I have registered a “Temperature drops below”, and yes it triggered when temperature dropped below my value But it keeps on triggering periodically, as temperature is below my threshold all the time (yes, winter is coming...)

Shouldn’t it trigger only when temperature drops below my threshold once and then be silent, until temperature is above my threshold again and then drops again?

7. Kristian Karlefur -- 5 years ago

Hi I am a member of the Beta, I also would like to add some feedback. But I am not sure where to do it.

  1. When creating a recepie as an example adding events to a spreadsheet it would be great to have Ingredients such as {TRIGGER_UNIT} {EVENT} this would give the name given to a unit in Telldus live. So the above would give "Front door On"
8. Micke Prag -- 5 years ago

@christer: Here is fine to report

The reason it continues to trigger is the way IFTTT handles data. They require a "timeline" with data. Each new sensor value is added to this timeline. This is how they discover if there is any new triggered value or not by looking at the timeline. Without all the values added to this timeline it would not be possible to use recipies like adding to a spreadsheet.

If you only want it to fire once you should set it up using events instead. Triggers in events only fires once.

@kristian: We will consider this. Since only one trigger can be added to each recipe you can simply add this in the action field yourself, because you always know that it was the front door that triggered on.

9. Kristian Karlefur -- 5 years ago

The reason I find this to be a good functionality is that you then can use template functionality. So you can re-use recepies for multiple senders. Also you can then use groups as source and get correct source in your log.

10. Jan Östlund -- 5 years ago

Beta-tester here:

I have a trigger on my doorbell. But it usually takes 30-60 minutes before I get a push notification in the iOS-app. The emails and sms-notification directly from you are instant. Sometimes I get 5-10 duplicates of the same notification from IFTTT.

I really love this integration but it's a bummer that the are so long delays (at least for me).

11. Jonas Serrebo -- 5 years ago

Beta feedback:

I am also having random delays when I use a Tellstick event as a trigger for a recipe, e.g a light turning on resulting in a notification. Sometimes the notification comes almost immediately and sometimes there is a long delay, 15 min or more. I have not had any duplicates yet. Triggering an event in the opposite direction, like turning on a light as a result of a recipe works much better an usually with a delay of less than one minute. As it is now the IFTTT integration is pretty hard to use with the inconsistent delay times.

12. Magnus Bäcke -- 5 years ago

Just waiting for this, great job! :)

13. Alex Ehn -- 5 years ago

I'll buy a Tellstick net starter pack tomorrow. (during the wait for Znet v2...)

The main deal breaker for me is that a Telldus IFTTT channel is comming!!

Keep up the good work.

14. Johnny Hedlund -- 5 years ago

What is the status for the IFTTT channel? Eagerly waiting to explore this in my home automation.

15. Andreas Karlsson -- 5 years ago

Any news? Been waiting for this since the beta came ;)

16. Patrik Carlander -- 5 years ago

What is the status for the IFTTT channel? I would like to test it with my Google Home device.

17. Øyvind Ruud -- 5 years ago

Hey! What is the status for the IFTTT channel? When will it release?

18. Micke Prag -- 5 years ago

The status is that the channel is in beta. We have no timeframe when the channel will be published.

19. Sven Bauer -- 5 years ago

Hello from Germany - same here. Waiting for the IFTTT Channel. Maybe you need a Betatester from another Country? ;-)

20. Olli Rahikka -- 5 years ago

Any chance to open more beta slots?

21. Björn Nilsson -- 5 years ago

Any news? So frikkin stoked about this. Wanna try it Nooow!

22. Micke Prag -- 5 years ago

Sorry, we do not have a timeframe for this. It's not totally up to us since IFTTT must review and approve the channel.

23. Ola Nilsson -- 4 years ago

Still no news right? Well Ive got my hands on a Amazon echo dot and It would be nice if this would work with tellstick trough IFTTT. :-)

25. Ola Nilsson -- 4 years ago

Hehe.. Sorry, just saw that.

Great news though! https://ifttt.com/telldus