The TellStick roadmap

Last year we announced two new TellStick. One to be released shortly after the announcement and one to be released later (at an unkown date). The first one (TellStick ZNet Lite) was release but the second (TellStick ZNet Pro) has still not yet been released. Let us explain what has happened since the announcement what the current roadmap looks like.

Let's first start with some history. When we decided to work with Z-Wave we needed some new hardware because TellStick Net cannot support Z-Wave since it lacks the required radio hardware. We wanted to create two new TellStick. One with a good price that would fit most of our users and one for our (hard)core users, a.k.a. "the hackers". To create an affordable product you need to compromise with the hardware. To keep the cost down you cannot add a lot of flash, ram, cpu and other goodies. Instead you need to keep it to what you really need and then optimize the software for this. This kind of product is not ideal for hackes since it can be quite limiting. This is the reason we started working on a Pro model. A model with more CPU, more flash, more RAM, and more other fun hardware upgrades that would benefit hackers.

At the announcement last year the Lite model was almost finished. We were ready to start selling but the Pro model was still on the drawing board. Some prototypes where made but not more than that. Since the development was in such early state we could not give you an estimated time for when TellStick ZNet Lite Pro would be released.

During the year we have trying to find a manufacturing partner for TellStick ZNet Pro. We found that all the goodies we put into the product made it either too hard to produce or to costly. The end price was going to be way to high.

A common misconception was that the difference between TellStick ZNet Lite and TellStick ZNet Pro was that Lite hade only 433 transmitting and Pro had both receiving and transmitting. Even though this is true it was not our goal. We believed the users for the new gateways where users wanting to fully adopt Z-Wave. Since we could add 433 transmitting without affecting the end price too much we thought it was a good idea to add that as well. We where wrong. You clearly wanted both Z-Wave and full 433 receiving and transmitting!

So, we needed to rethink.

First we needed to upgrade TellStick ZNet Lite with receiving 433 capabilities. We will release an updated version in September or October or November 2016.

Secondly, since we have developed both 433 receiving and transmitting for TellStick ZNet (which is a completely different hardware platform from TellStick Net) we got an idea. We removed Z-Wave from it and will release it as an upgrade to TellStick Net. TellStick Net v2 will have the same capabilities as TellStick Net but also a lot of extras from the TellStick ZNet family. Such as:

So, what about TellStick ZNet Pro? Unfortunately this project is currently on hold. We need to redesign this to be able to have the correct control of the quality during production at the right price. We have some experiments and prototypes but this is still far from production ready. Please don't ask us when it will be ready because at the moment we cannot answer. There is still way to many factors. Ideally 2017 but it could also be 2018.

So, you may ask "what about the hackability?"? Since TellStick ZNet Pro is so far away we have been investigating the possibilities for hackability in TellStick ZNet Lite. We are going to open it up for you to add your own code. Actually, the Lua scripting was the first step for this. But I am not going to tell you anyting more about this now, it for future blog posts... ;)


1. Daniel Wiberg -- 8 years ago

Great news!

I have been waiting for the new device to get local functionality, but I have too many 433MHz devices to replace them all at once, so I will buy the new ZNet Lite with send and receive support as soon as it becomes available.

2. Robert Andresen -- 8 years ago

Does upgrades like receiving for ZNet Lite, and Telldus Net v2 mean hw or sw? In other words, do I need to buy a new ZNet Lite to receive 433 in the future?

I haven't had the time to test the local API much, but is the local API only intended for third-party? I have mounted an iPad in my home to control lights and other stuff, that currently runs the Telldus Live! app. The only problem is the delay and some times it's not working. Not sure if it's my Internet-connection or server-problems in your end, but I can't really trust it. A feature for the mobile-app that uses the local network if available would be great.

Other thoughts I have regarding the roadmap, is that I would like to have some more basic smarthome-features.

  1. Same design/dashboard in the webpage as on the mobile-app.
  2. More group and sorting features (like the mobileapp-dashboard). I have a lot of devices/sensors like motion, magnet-switches, etc. that show up the same as a on/off device. This fills up the list of devices.
  3. More features in the events. Setting up an event is good enough, but it's hard to have control of all the events when you get 10-20 and more. Maybe filter events linked to a device, search, etc... The app eventlist is also helpful, but missing on the webpage.
  4. Remember login on the webpage would be nice.
3. Micke Prag -- 8 years ago

@robert: TellStick ZNet Lite does not contain a 433 MHz receiver. So to be able to receive 433 signals a hardware upgrade is required since it lacks the required components in the hardware.

Regarding the local api we are going to use this ourself aswell. But we have not got around to it yet. I cannot answer today when we implement the local api ourself.

4. Clas Heleander -- 8 years ago

Great news, love the local events and scheduler feature.

A new device with modified hardware from current TellStick ZNet Lite will be released in September/October under the name Tellstick Net V2? The Tellstick Net V2 will have same functionality as Tellstick Net V1 +

•Running Lua scripts (yet to be released) •Local events and scheduler •Local API

Or, will Tellstick NET V1 devices be able to handle this with just a software update?

5. Micke Prag -- 8 years ago

@clas: The key is in "A new device with modified hardware". The new device does not have the same hardware as TellStick Net v1. So this is simply not a software upgrade.

6. Christer Lindh -- 8 years ago

Great news, I've been holding up buying a 433/ZNet combination solution - ZNet Lite v2 sounds like the perfect device for me. Can't wait!

7. Andreas Fertl -- 8 years ago

For me the hacking factor of Your Devices is the most important thing. I use a Tellstick Duo (earlier only the tesllstick) in combination With a Linux box and your C-API With gcc c++ code to build my own system. For eks i use the receiver functionality of 433 mhz switches to Control Philips HUE lights. That combination would not exist without Your Products! Thanks a lot! I would love to step up to ZWave as well but only if i do not need to sacrifice the 433 Receiver. So very good Plan :D

I hope the ZNet Lite v2 With 433Tx/Rx ZWave module will be as good "hackable" as the original Tellstick and the Duo. That hold me back buying the ZNet Lite v1 actually. I use the C-API because of i don't wan't to use the live/net api due to possible lag. At the moment my button presses changes the lights in less than a second and i can't even remember when it last time didn't work at once.... So keep on the good work and don't forget the nerds and give us a possibility to run ower own C++ code on Your Device :D

8. Peter A. -- 8 years ago

It looks like the Tellstick ZNet Lite v2 is now out in market. It's a bit hard to find more information: Does it support local configuration and somekind of local API? For example, does telldus-core support that? Or do I need something else on Linux platform? I am currently Tellstick Duo user, I'd like to expand to Zwave, but I need also maintain my 433Mhz TX&RX. And my system is not connected to internet.

9. Micke Prag -- 8 years ago


Does it support local configuration and somekind of local API?

v2 supports the same as v1. The only change is 433 receiver.

For example, does telldus-core support that?

No support in telldus-core. You need to build your own library

10. Per Osbäck -- 8 years ago

To me it seem like Telldus got fooled by themselfes, just like I was. Having bought the ZNet Lite v1, less than a year ago and the product is already cancelled and replaced.

I sure hope you continue to support it.